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The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves by Matt Ridley

By Matt Ridley

“Ridley writes with panache, wit, and humor and screens awesome ingenuity to find how one can current complex fabrics for the lay reader.” — Los Angeles Times

In a daring and provocative interpretation of monetary background, Matt Ridley, the New York Times-bestselling writer of Genome and The crimson Queen, makes the case for an economics of wish, arguing that some great benefits of trade, know-how, innovation, and change—what Ridley calls cultural evolution—will unavoidably raise human prosperity. lovers of the works of Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs, and Steel), Niall Ferguson (The Ascent of Money), and Thomas Friedman (The global Is Flat) will locate a lot to consider and revel in in The Rational Optimist.

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This is T9. Analyses like Popkin ( T 9 7 9 ) , Tong ( T 9 8 8 ), and Lichbach ( T 9 9 5 , T 9 9 6 ) also belie common claims that optimizing accounts cannot be used to address the political behavior of the powerless. For a recent instance of such a claim, see the statement that " epistemological commitments to uncertainty, ambiguity, and messiness invite interpretivists to focus on social movements, political resistance, and modern povver in ways that are irrelevant to rational choice theorists " (Wedeen 2 0 0 2 , 7 2 6 ) .

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