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Comparative Religion

The Transcendent Unity of Religions (Quest Book) by Frithjof Schuon

By Frithjof Schuon

Schuon asserts that to go beyond spiritual transformations, we needs to discover the esoteric nature of the religious direction again to the Divine Oneness on the center of all religions.

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While desiring the well-being of humanity. should have seen fit to leave the vast majority of men-includin g the most giftedto stagnate for thousands of years. practically without hope. in the darkness of mortal ignorance. and that in wishing to save the human race He should have seen fit to choose a means so materially and psychologically ineffective as a new religion that long before it could be brought to the notice of all mankind. had not only acquired an increasingly particularized and local character.

But in the general conditions of our age. which marks the end of a great cyclic period of terrestrial humanity-the end of a mahli-yuga according to Hindu cosmology-and so must recapitulate or manifest again in one way or another everything that is included in the cycle. in conformity with the adage ··extremes meet": thus things that are in themselves abnormal may become necessary by reason of the conditions just referred to. From a more individual point of view. that of mere expediency. it must be admitteck-that the spiritual confusion of our times has reached such a pitch that the harm that might in principle befall certain people from contact with the truths in question is compensated by the advantages other will derive from the selfsame truths: again.

It follows that this knowledge not only goes infinitely further than reasoning. but even goes further than faith in the ordinary sense of this term. In other words. intellectual knowledge also transcends the specifically theological point of view. which is itself incomparably superior to the philosophical point of view. since. like metaphysical knowledge. it emanates from God and not from man~ but whereas metaphysic proceeds wholly from intellectual intuition. religion proceeds from Revelation.

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