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The Welsh King and His Court by T. M. Charles-Edwards, Morfydd E. Owen, Paul Russell

By T. M. Charles-Edwards, Morfydd E. Owen, Paul Russell

Early medieval kingship used to be exercised in a family atmosphere with out divide among the officials of nation and the royal family. The legislation of court docket within the medieval Welsh lawbooks offer the most attention-grabbing facts for the constitution and operation of a royal court docket in early medieval Europe. those are richly distinctive but additionally problematical texts, and their right interpretation is the relevant challenge of The Welsh King and his Court.

The numerous essays talk about the composition and functioning of the itinerant royal family, and show the various ways that govt roles could emerge from the family tasks that have been the fundamental components of dignified mobility, for instance the officials accountable for nutrition, alcoholic drink, horses, sleeping-quarters, and the priest. The Welsh legislation of court docket make clear medieval royal executive and in addition exemplify ways that one of these loved ones ordered the rituals of family existence right into a strong cohesive force.

The Welsh King and His Court not just offers thematic discussions of the royal family, but in addition provides basic texts in addition to English translations and, for comparative reasons, an Irish textual content facing hereditary courtroom workplaces is additionally incorporated. The chapters accrued the following contain a desirable and targeted learn of the association and dealing of the courts of local Welsh rulers ahead of the Edwardian conquest.

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Example text

This table then names two officers who are in neither Iorwerth list, swyddwr llys and gwastrawd afwyn brenhines: they are in the Cyfnerth and Blegywryd lists, which are not in the same order as the subtractates in those Redactions. The position of each name in the Cyfnerth and Blegywryd lists is shown, with the variations of different manuscripts for Cyfn: the differences are small enough to be explained as caused by corrected haplography, while the Iorwerth order differs from those of Cyfn and Bleg largely because of the greater formalism of the queen’s section of the court.

35 In any case, what is most important about the overlap beween mythology and law in Cyfnerth is that the deployment of such symbols in a legal text dating to the late twelfth century must constitute a deliberate political choice on the part of the redactor. Such a man would have had available to him a wide variety of methods of conceptualizing rule, many of which would have been neither Celtic nor mythological. 37 Instead the redactor seems to have made a deliberate decision to link Welsh rule firmly to native mythology and 34 35 36 37 LL 233; Pryce, Native Law and the Church, 158–62; Loth, ‘Un genre particulier de compensation’, 342–3.

The first is that in Cyfn and Bleg some of the subtractates for swyddogion defod ac arfer (officers of custom and use) are ‘floating sections’:16 they occur within the court tractate in some manuscripts, whereas others have them at points in Cyfreithiau’r Wlad; and in some of those other manuscripts those points are far into that part of the text. 17 The second, much smaller, point is that some of the subtractates disappear completely in some manuscripts, because there is nothing to say about the officers in question except what has gone into the general subtractates; one Cyfnerth manuscript (Mk) has thought it unnecessary to record for all the officers their right to free land and a horse in attendance.

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