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The Word Snoop by Ursula Dubosarsky

By Ursula Dubosarsky

Meet the notice Snoop. She’s speeding and bold and witty as can be—and not anyone is aware extra concerning the evolution of the English language than she does. fortunately, she’s spilling her secrets and techniques during this gem of a publication. From the 1st alphabet in 4000 BC, to anagrams, palindromes, and modern day textual content messages, readers will research all in regards to the attention-grabbing twists and turns our reasonable language has taken to develop into what it truly is today.
With playful black-and-white illustrations, riddles to unravel, and codes to wreck, The notice Snoop is definitive evidence that phrases can spark the mind's eye and are something yet uninteresting. this can be a ebook for each aspiring author, and each real reader.

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Demanded Claudine. There’s something about it . . but what? Aha! It looks strange because it’s using punctuation marks that come from languages other than English. What? Even the punctuation is different? That’s right. Like anything to do with language, different groups of people have different ways of doing things. If you go snooping inside the font options on your computer, you’ll discover several unusual kinds of punctuation from other languages that you may not have seen before. In Japanese, for example, the period is a tiny circle that is not filled in o ; while in Hebrew it’s a little black diamond ◆ .

Below is the next part, but of course you have to decipher the special code first. See how you do . . ) FIGNAGLLGY MALNALGELD TOK Dear Snoops, CANYOUREADTHISSENTENCE Can you? There, I knew you could! It looks odd, though, doesn’t it, without any punctuation. You know—periods, commas, question marks, quotation marks, that sort of thing. But did you know that at one time there was no punctuation? Not only that, there were no spaces between words. And you didn’t have to start your sentence with a capital, because ALL the letters were capitals.

3. Under his hat, the magician secretly kept a fluffy teddy bear. Acronyms Acronyms WDYS? Acronyms ?? GAFOFY! TFN YW TTYL NIICHI Did you understand this conversation? Would it help if I told you it’s written mainly in acronyms? Um, would it help if I told you what an acronym is? ” An acronym is an abbreviation of a phrase or sentence, where you use only the beginning letter or letters of the words to say what you mean. So in the conversation above, WDYS? stands for What Did You Say? and GAFOFY!

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