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Comparative Religion

This sacred earth : religion, nature, environment by Roger S. Gottlieb

By Roger S. Gottlieb

Up to date with approximately 40 new decisions to mirror the great progress and transformation of scholarly, theological, and activist spiritual environmentalism, the second one version of This Sacred Earth is an unparalleled source for the research of religion's complicated dating to the surroundings.

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7. org/. 8. com, May 7, 2002. 9. Laura Barandes, Court TV website, Dec. 23, 1999. 10. “Bush Unites the Enviros,” May 7, 2001. … Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mold myself? —Henry David Thoreau The plants give off the fragrance of their flowers. The precious stones reflect their brilliance to others. Every creature yearns for a loving embrace. The whole of nature serves humanity, and in this service offers all her bounty. —Hildegard of Bingen No more cars in national parks.

All this seems to enhance for the viewer the enjoyment of the scene. Enchanted, I forget the summer day, which seems to hold off the coming dark. The light of the setting sun changes into the moon; the light of the fishing fires, too, formed on the waves, slowly approaches. The cormorant fishing under the high railing is a truly striking spectacle. The eight views of the Xiao River and the ten sites of the Xiang River are experienced together in the one flavor of the cool wind. If I were to give a name to this mansion, I might call it the Eighteen View Manor.

For example, the public commitment and action of faith communities has grown dramatically. Reminding us that “Every religion forbids theft—let us not steal from our children to support our addiction to fossil fuels. Every religion forbids idolatry. S. Energy Department while protesting the government’s policies on global warming. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has committed resources to a special campaign linking children’s health and environmental pollution. The Interfaith Coalition for Climate Change has groups in eighteen states.

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