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Through the Veil (Berkley Sensation) by Shiloh Walker

By Shiloh Walker

Came upon wandering in a box as a toddler, Lee Ross was once given a reputation by way of the kingdom and installed a foster home—without somebody understanding she wasn’t totally human. All her lifestyles, she’s attempted to put out of your mind the bizarre desires that experience plagued her, of monsters creeping throughout the evening and a guy scuffling with demons by way of her part. however the bruises she wakes with are all too actual to disregard… Then the guy from her goals appears—in the flesh. His identify is Kalen—and he insists that her future lies in his international, the area of her goals. to avoid wasting their humans, he needs to persuade Lee to renounce every little thing she understands, persist with her center, and pass over into the below Realm—even even though as soon as she does, she’ll by no means have the capacity to go back…

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Small things at first. He hadn’t wanted her in danger. She was just a kid—she might have just been three years younger but she hadn’t grown up fighting to stay alive, not like he had. She’d been too soft. Too pretty—and not just because she was a girl. But for all his instincts to protect her, Lee had a knack for finding dangerous situations and defusing them. Or finding innocent families, trapped and helpless—Kalen had long since lost count of how many people she’d been responsible for saving.

Instead there was a power fracture. Almost a hiccup, then an explosion. The resistance there had done something, but what, nobody would ever know. Nothing living survived. Yorkton was little more than a crater in the earth now, a hollowed-out, burned depression that stretched out for miles. That had been three years ago and still nothing lived there. While it didn’t exactly turn the tide, it weakened the remaining gates. The Roinan Gate was the only one strong enough now to trigger the others. Their intelligence resources in Anqar were limited, but there was a theory that the Warlords somehow forced the flickering in the gates, the surge in power that made a gate open.

It’s been too devastating for words. I can’t let them depend on you anymore. ” Turning back to face her, he felt a hollow ache settle in his heart. “You belong in my world. I know this—in my gut. You know it, you always have. Otherwise you wouldn’t keep coming here. ” Kalen plunged his hands through his hair, fisting them, resisting the urge to tear out hunks of hair, anything to relieve the building pain and frustration inside him. They needed to end this. They had to find a way to unite and drive back the monsters through the gate separating Kalen’s world from Anqar, a way to stop the Warlords’ ever-increasing raids, and they had to do it soon, or it would be too late.

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