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Ice Age Explorer (Time Machine #7) by Dougal Dixon

By Dougal Dixon

Are you prepared for the Ice Age? trip again in time to the times of early guy and establish a mysterious animal that our ancestors painted on a cave wall lengthy ahead of the sunrise of recorded history!

The Time desktop sequence demanding situations younger readers to exploit their mind's eye and decision-making talents to write down their very own tale. innovations within the textual content enable readers to decide on any direction they prefer in the plot. Readers needs to draw on historical past information regarding the interval to make the fitting offerings. This makes the sequence an excellent academic gadget for children to profit approximately historical past and all of the diverse cultures, occasions, and sessions that formed it.

Dougal Dixon has been a full-time author and editor on the grounds that 1980, and has greater than 40 books and encyclopedias (for adults in addition to youngsters) to his credits. a few of his greater recognized works are Dougal Dixon's Dinosaurs, Hugo Award-nominated After guy: A Zoology of the long run, and the hot Dinosaurs. he's well known for his novel views at the primary innovations of evolution.

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Suddenly you hear a great splashing noise. One of the giant sloths you saw earlier has stumbled into the tar. It’s thrashing around in panic, but the more it struggles, the more firmly it is trapped. The saber-tooth has noticed this too. Abandoning all thought of the mastodon herd, it turns and runs to the mired sloth. You know very well what is about to happen, but you can’t prevent it. The saber-tooth leaps on the trapped sloth. But it slips, and slides down the sloth’s shaggy flank into the tar.

The fire is almost upon you! You must jump to a time after the fire has burned itself out. Jump ahead ten years. Click here. 16 Y ou are standing in long grass. A rolling yellow plain sweeps down toward a broad lake, still and quiet beneath a tropical sun. Beyond the lake a gentle-sided volcano reaches up, smoke pluming from the top. Here and there on the plain, umbrella-shaped thorn trees stand in their pools of shadow. The place is so obviously Africa that you expect to see herds of zebra and wildebeest winding their way down to the lake.

44 Y ou leap back into the cave. The bear is still there. Momentarily dazzled by the beam of your flashlight, it rears up, towering above you to twice your height. What made you think you could defeat such a powerful animal as this? The bear swings at you with one of its great paws. You duck, and save your head. But a second swing catches you on the shoulder and you go sprawling among the bones again. You leap to your feet, snatching a long limb bone from the soil of the cave floor. You shout, to try to distract the monster, and as your shout goes echoing down the cave, you swing the bone around your head and land it with a whack!

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