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Time Raiders: The Seeker (Silhouette Nocturne) by Lindsay McKenna

By Lindsay McKenna

Delia Sebastian is a expert historian and psychic. Former military captain Jake Tyler is her swaggering ex-lover, who can learn her such a lot intimate thoughts--and wants. jointly they're going to make the dicy bounce again to forty four BC to infiltrate the court docket of Julius Caesar by means of posing as Grecian mercenaries. yet with assassins all over, will outdated passions reignite to undermine their cover...leaving them trapped in heritage ceaselessly?

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Delia clenched her teeth, repressing the urge to slap his face. Jake was the ultimate cocky male, times ten. Nothing shook his masculine cool, not even her anger. “Cut the ‘babe,’ too. ” Shrugging, he managed a thin smile. “Hey, Del, I’ll be a good boy. We’ll get along fine on this mission. You just get me some space where I can try and read those Romans’ minds. ” Well, that was a lie, but Jake saw she meant business. He needed her. His body ached to have her again. And even though Delia was no longer in the Marine Corps and had gone back to civilian life before being called up for the Time Raiders missions, she was still a military officer in bearing and stature.

Just to go over some important fail-safe points…” She pulled out an armband from her lab coat pocket and handed it to Jake. “You can wear this on your arm or wrist, it doesn’t matter which. What does matter is that as soon as you locate the target fragment and have it in your possession, you must press the quartz crystal. That sends a signal back to me. ” “These bracelets also protect us from possible injury,” Delia said. She’d done the most time travel, and knew that from experience. ” “Absolutely,” Ashton agreed.

Excitement rose in her wispy, feminine voice. “Argenta, like Leonardo da Vinci, wrote backwards. It has taken me until just last week to finish translating the Latin text. ” Delia’s pulse began to quicken with that familiar sizzle of excitement. Because of her own Greek heritage, her favorite periods in history were the Roman and Greek empires. She had made three time-travel jumps for the professor after Athena had fine-tuned her use of the alien headband. Waving her hand, the professor said, “Beverly and I have been working hard to map out this next Time Raider journey.

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