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Time Raiders: The Slayer by Cindy Dees

By Cindy Dees

Because of her uncanny skill to discover misplaced gadgets, Tessa Marconi has been given the damaging activity of time-jumping again to the Persian Empire and historic Greece to find a useful medallion fragment. hassle unearths her in Xerxes' court—and so does the main appealing guy she's ever obvious, Rustam of Halicarnassus. there is just one challenge: he is a Centauri undercover agent whose sworn accountability it's to prevent her.

Tessa hasn't ever felt such magical strength—or sexual prowess—as she feels in Rustam's presence. and because the clash that grips Persia and Greece explodes, it turns into transparent that their auras are surprisingly intertwined. individually, they're powerless. yet jointly, they only may possibly retailer the world…and themselves.

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Was Artaxerxes, heir to the throne, here? Maybe even Xerxes’s Jewish Empress, Esther, of Old Testament fame? Despite the perspiration plastering Tessa’s dress to her skin, the thought of standing in the presence of these giants of history made chills race across the back of her neck. Unfortunately, historic celebrity spotting wasn’t her purpose for being here. Finding a piece of the Karanovo stamp was. The stamp was an incredibly important bronze medallion, decorated with depictions of the constellations of the zodiac.

There was a disturbance in the time flow—” The lab’s door burst open. Alex whirled and snapped to the guard stumbling into the room, “I thought there were supposed to be no intrusions in this lab under any circum—” A cloud of black smoke billowed in, carrying with it a fireman in full gear. He shouted through his Plexiglas face mask, “Clear the building, folks. ” Alex asked sharply. The man beckoned urgently with a gloved hand. “Let’s go! One of you grab the back of my coat and the rest of you hang on to each other.

He probed her mind to see if she was thinking of a location, but hit a blank—an entirely disconcerting wall. ” He would have to be more subtle to get past her barriers. He sent her a faint mental thread of trust. Relaxation. Eagerness to talk. “You didn’t answer my question. ” She shrugged. And said nothing. That, too, was strange. His mental suggestion hadn’t worked. He amped up the sending of desire to talk to him. If anything, she frowned and seemed to draw further into herself. ” he exclaimed.

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