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Tomahawk and Musket: French and Indian Raids in the Ohio by Rene Chartrand

By Rene Chartrand

В 1758 году, в разгар Франко-индейской войны, британский бригадный генерал Джон Форбс повел свою армию в наступление на castle Duquesene, французский штаб в долине Огайо. Французы решили встретить налётчиков, а затем вместе с индейцами-союзниками нанести ответный удар

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Johnson was of course upset but, to his credit, Forbes immediately sensed the importance of what turned out to be a momentous decision and exploited it fully. Less potent in Pennsylvania, but also important, was the news that on July 26 the French Fortress of Louisbourg had fallen to General Amherst’s army. This was, at last, positive news to inform the Indians about the might of the British forces. Another meeting was called at Easton in October; it was months away, but suddenly the Anglo-Americans had something to offer, and thus upset the diplomatic upper hand the French had always enjoyed.

However, the regiment had no central command and actually operated as three separate and distinct units. 1757. Colored sketch made at the beginning of the 20th century by the Reverend Percy Sumner of a portrait of the mid-18th century (whereabouts presently unknown). (Sumner notebooks. K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University Library, Providence, USA. com 77th (Montgomery’s Highlanders) Regiment of Foot, Private, Battalion Company, 1758. The officers and men of this regiment raised in the Highlands of Scotland in 1757 wore the traditional “garb of our ancestors” that included bonnets, belted plaid (part of which made up the kilt), checkered stockings, and shortskirted jackets.

Since the Indians and Canadians wear nothing more than a shirt in fine weather, they were very soon ready for action. com 57 Tomahawk and Musket – French and Indian Raids in the Ohio Valley 1758 American] troops and began to fire on them. The English beat the retreat, causing the alert to be sounded in the fort from which assistance was sent to the first men who had sallied forth from it. The enemy corps was so vigorously attacked that 250 scalps resulted and 100 prisoners were taken, among them six officers and the two majors.

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