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Traditional crafts from Africa by Florence Temko

By Florence Temko

Publication via Temko, Florence

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Tcafe. 4. I 'J ~ t:ra.. eU Vi'll(. Now, are these statements verdad or mentira? verdad mentira a. h. c. d. e. f. g. The clothes the girls bought were expensive. Silvia bought a classic outfit. Her sister's clothes were more outrageous. Silvia's jersey was lightweight. Her sister bought some green shoes. Silvia bought some summer trousers. Her sister's skirt is black wool. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 SHOPPING - part 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 47 Exercise 7 Extra vocabulary Finally, three people are modelling evening wear.

Prefiero una mal eta tipo bolso. Empleada Bolsos pequefios tambien tenemos. Mire, estos son buenos. Cliente J,Que precio tienen? J,Son baratos? Empleada Estan muy bien de precio, ademas estan rebajados. Exercise 6 a. viii h. vi c. i d. v e. ii f. iv g. iii h. vii Exercise 7 a. Monday h. aunt c. July d. chocolate e. very good f. smaller/ more boring than Lima SHOPPING - part 1 43 SHOPPING - part 2 Exercise 1 Can you label these outfits? You may need to look at the vocabulary in the box below. d e b la falda la camisa las sandalias los zapatos la corbata el cinturon la blusa el sombrero la chaqueta el pantalon Exercise 2 Extra vocabulary a.

Las hay mas grandes? / ~Mas grandes? Sf, estas, por ejemplo. / ~Cuanto cuesta esta? / Un momento ... esta es cinco mil quinientas pesetas. / Muy bien. Me quedo con esta. Exercise 4 symptoms: headache (aspirins), stomach ache (syrup), temperature (tablets) Exercise 5 a. iv h. vii c. v d. vi e. iii f. i g. ii Exercise 6 a. mentira h. verdad c. verdad d. mentira e. mentira f. verdad g. mentira (she bought a minidress, not a skirt) Exercise 7 Mari~: long black silk dress with a neckline with white stars.

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