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Treatise on the Canon of Medicine of Avicenna by Avicenna

By Avicenna

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For example, out of fifty girls and fifty boys, a random sample of 20 has to be chosen. Now it is perfectly possible that the sample of 20 that we choose has exactly 10 girls and 10 boys. e. we could select more girls than boys or vice versa. It is, by sheer chance, also possible that we select only girls, and that would be an embarrassingly distorted sample, not even close to representating the population. ) except that one is a boy and other a girl. We could make a comparison only if such matching has been done.

If each value of a population gets multiplied, the SD is also multiplied). Importance of standard deviation The standard deviation serves as the ‘unit’ of variability. e. e. 616. Probability As much as we are fond of data and patterns of data, there is always a limit to how much data we can collect, and at some point of time, we have to stop collecting data and do some hypothesizing. It would have been very fortunate if we could Chapter–1 n Health and Disease measure all the data about every aspect of everybody, but until that happens, we have to indulge in speculation and forecasting.

Accuracy A test is accurate when 1. It yields results equal, on the average, to a GOLD STANDARD test. 2. The test result indicates the true progression of the disease. Suppose you devise method X to determine blood glucose. To qualify as accurate, this test has to yield results consistent with that of the Glucose oxidase reaction; in addition, it must truly reflect the progression of diabetes mellitus. Chapter–1 n Health and Disease Validity This is the challenge: To distinguish truth from just another chance finding.

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