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(Un)masking the realities of power: Justus Lipsius and the by Erik De Bom, Marijke Janssens, Toon Van Houdt

By Erik De Bom, Marijke Janssens, Toon Van Houdt

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In his article, Erik De Bom tries to establish to what extent the image of the ideal prince presented in the Politico-Christianus of the Jesuit Carolus Scribani was indebted to the idealised picture of Archduke Albert as portrayed by Lipsius in the Monita. He does so by sketching the broader framework of their views on pedagogy and exemplarity. In his study on the Stoic nature of Lipsius’s political thought, Bo Lindberg pays due attention to the rich reception which Lipsius’s political works received in early modern Sweden, whose intellectual climate came to be dominated by a Protestant natural law discourse.

The stipulated term of protection at the time, we are reminded, was a mere five years. Obviously, this outside conditioning did not hamper Montaigne’s creativity, but it influenced the form of his work. 18 The same, of course, could be said of Florentine writers like Bruni, Machiavelli, and Guicciardini, who used writing as a means for political and administrative advancement, rather than as an end in itself. 19 What I have tried to show thus far indicates that writing in the Renaissance was not a self-contained activity and that Renaissance texts to a large extent were composed and organised in relation to the meta-discursive level of genre, master discourse, and ars memoria, and to the extra-discursive sphere of urban culture, ritual practices, legal norms, and career considerations.

240–74. St. Anne’s role in the religious and civic life of the city is discussed in Trexler, ibid. , Pictures and Punishment. , “In the Defense of Florentine Republicanism. Saint Anne and Florentine Art, exempla, prudence and casuistry 33 cannot be grasped without an understanding of the ways in which the city’s imperial aspirations were staged and played out in its urban rituals in general, and the celebration of St. John’s in particular. And third, the whole episode surrounding Giangaleazzo’s death has to be seen in relation to Dati’s general view of the Florentine-Milanese power struggle.

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