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Unusual Airplanes by Don Berliner

By Don Berliner

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Something that seems to be both possible and impossible. a list of things to choose from. having to do with the way the body works. M EN U – DISTORT – to twist out of a natural or normal shape. PA R A DOX – P H YS I O LO G I C A L – OV ER ST I M U L ATE D – something that appears real, but is not. IL LUSION – to stick something into something else. INSERT – having received too much of something, such as light or sound, that affects the senses or other bodily functions. one of the sharp points of a fork, tool, or antler.

2 Continue filling in large black squares in a checkerboard pattern. Fill one whole sheet. 3 Add two white dots to each black square. Put the dots in opposite corners. On some squares put them in the bottom-left and upper-right corners. On others, put dots in the bottom-right and upper-left squares. Group similar dot patterns together. 4 Hold the finished checkerboard at arm’s length. The straight pattern will look wavy! 3 28 1 CAFE WALL ILLUSION 1 Use a black marker to make thick vertical stripes on graph paper.

Every other strip should be one small graph square to the right. 4 When finished, the straight lines look bent! 3 29 MATH TERMS 2-D – flat or having only two dimensions, such as length and width. the color opposite from another color on a color wheel. having length, width, and height and taking up space. F R EQUEN CY – 3-D – a visual sensation that appears after looking at one image for an extended time. COM P L EM EN T – the number of sound or light waves that pass one point within a certain time.

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