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Veil by Reginald Cook

By Reginald Cook

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Even the agents watching winced. ” snapped Thorne, staring him straight in the eye. Agent Sams stood with his mouth open, stunned. “I’d pay close attention to her,” said Robert. ” Furious, Agent Sams stepped forward. “I could arrest you for that,” he bellowed. Robert backed away. “Go ahead,” he said. ” Thorne smiled and blew the agent a kiss. “Come on sugga. ” Agent Sams took another step. “Agent Sams, stand down,” a stern female voice ordered. The agent abruptly fell back. A leggy blonde in a plain charcoal gray business suit approached them.

You idiot,” Popeye snapped. ” Robert took a deep breath. “Listen, Charlie came to my office last night looking for help, then disappeared. ” Popeye’s eyes narrowed into slits. He leaned his head to one side. “Okay,” he said, after a long minute. ” He wheeled up the street, whirled into an alley, and stopped. ” Exasperated, Robert bit his tongue. ” “I can’t say. ” “Good,” said Popeye, a smile on his face. “I like that. ” 39 Veil “No, I’m not,” said Robert. ” Popeye sucked air through one of his cavities then took a deep breath.

Mrs. Weiss screamed louder and ran upstairs. He didn’t mind killing women, but considered letting the judge’s wife go. Unfortunately, her sudden interruption broke his concentration, ruining the thrill, leaving him unfulfilled. No matter. To Andre’s delight, Judge Weiss married a woman half his age. He remembered her smooth velvety skin, round breasts and hard nipples from his last dry run only a few days before. Yes. I’ll kill her after all. Besides, I haven’t had sex in awhile. ” Edward chimed.

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