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What Dreams May Come by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Robin D. Owens, Rebecca York

By Sherrilyn Kenyon, Robin D. Owens, Rebecca York

An all-new paranormal romance anthology headlined through a brand new York instances bestselling writer. this can be a wonderful trio of news by way of 3 liked authors expert at making the main most unlikely desires come precise. All new, unique novellas of amazing romance through: manhattan instances bestselling writer Sherrilyn Kenyon. A bare-chested hunk at the disguise of a paperback romance actually involves existence to satisfy a lonely woman's fantasies in Knightly desires. Award-winning writer Robin D. Owens With other-worldly counsel, unfortunate fans are given yet another likelihood to turn out that romance is feasible in street of experience. united states this present day bestselling writer Rebecca York A woman's lifestyles is dependent upon the psychic visions of her ex-lover that may reunite them--or plunge them into danger--in Shattered goals.

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Now she knew where she was— at a camping site she loved. She had led many wilderness expeditions here. Probably the rest of the group was waiting for her. And they'd be really happy to see her. Her brow wrinkled. The rest of the group? Were others with her? She hoped so, because then she wouldn't be so alone. Her mind made another leap. Maybe when she got to the campsite, she'd find Caleb. He'd been here— hadn't he? She remembered sensing him with her. Where had he gone? Suddenly her head was throbbing.

The woman's body language spoke to something deep within him. She looked caught in the grip of despair, hugging herself for comfort. Probably he'd made up that part—projecting his own pain onto the statue, when the woman herself was doing just fine without him. Miranda's attention zinged back to her own vehicle as the SUV grazed her bumper with a thunk of metal on metal, shoving her toward the shoulder—and she knew that either her obnoxious neighbors had taken fun past acceptable limits, or someone was trying to kill her.

Html It was odd to be aware of all that when she lay on the table with her eyes closed. But she could observe the scene because her mind wasn't in her body. Instead, she hovered far above the table, looking down on herself, watching a doctor and nurses work over her. She should go back to her body. That was where she wanted to be. As she started to descend from her high perch, something pushed at her shoulder, stopping her. It felt like a giant hand holding her back. She tried to shove against it, but she didn't have the strength.

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