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When Religion Becomes Evil: Five Warning Signs (Plus) by Charles Kimball

By Charles Kimball

During this completely revised and up-to-date variation, prime faith and center East specialist Charles Kimball exhibits how all non secular traditions are liable to those easy corruptions and why purely real religion can hinder such evil. The 5 symptoms of Corruption in faith 1. Absolute fact Claims 2. Blind Obedience three. constructing the "Ideal" Time four. the tip Justifies Any capacity five. stating Holy conflict

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Ritual and Its Consequences: An Essay on the Limits of Sincerity

This pioneering, interdisciplinary paintings indicates how rituals let us dwell in a perennially imperfect international. Drawing on numerous cultural settings, the authors make the most of psychoanalytic and anthropological views to explain how ritual--like play--creates ''as if'' worlds, rooted within the creative skill of the human brain to create a subjunctive universe.

Holy Fools in Byzantium and Beyond (Oxford Studies in Byzantium)

There are saints in Orthodox Christian tradition who overturn the normal idea of sainthood. Their behavior can be unruly and salacious, they might blaspheme or even kill--yet, mysteriously, these round them deal with them with much more reverence. Such saints are referred to as "holy fools. " during this pioneering examine Sergey A.

Gods in the Global Village: The World’s Religions in Sociological Perspective

In an international suffering from spiritual clash, how can a few of the spiritual and secular traditions coexist peacefully in the world? And, what function does sociology play in supporting us comprehend the country of non secular existence in a globalizing global? In the Fourth Edition ofGods within the worldwide Village, writer Lester Kurtz keeps to deal with those questions.

Prophecy in the New Millennium: When Prophecies Persist

Secular and non secular prophets of doom abound within the information-rich twenty-first century - as they've got for millennia. yet there has but to be around the globe floods, meteor impression, international computing device failure, noticeable alien touch, or direct intervention from God to finish the area as we all know it. contemplating the frequency with which prophecy it appears fails, why do prophecies stay made, and what social services do they serve?

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Military victory toppling Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, many evangelical Christians in the United States were advocating that a large wave of Christian missionaries to go into that wartorn land in order to preach the good news of salvation to its inhabitants and help bring much-needed supplies for people and infrastructures. I stressed that anyone with a rudimentary knowledge 34 w h e n re l i g i o n b e c o m e s ev i l of the long-term and recent history of Iraq would know that flooding the area with Christian missionaries—however well intentioned—would be like lighting a match in a room full of explosives.

Wholesale rejection of all religion as pernicious and delusional is itself a type of fundamentalism that these very writers rail against. Pronouncing anyone who believes in God (in any of a myriad of ways of conceptualizing ultimate reality) to be a moron, lunatic, or liar may sell books, but it fails to engage reality. Are Quakers, whose work for social justice and peacemaking around the world is legendary, all lunatics? Were the thousands of Christians and Muslims working to provide food, medicine, and shelter to victims of Lebanon’s recent civil war simply morons?

When my students read the Izanagi and Izanami creation story from Japan or sacred stories from Native American or African tribal people, they immediately discern the use of symbolism to convey powerful messages about the overall sacredness and the place of humans in creation. 9 It is also obvious that this is not a scientific textbook. Is the universe a kind of three-layer cake? Do serpents talk? Is there really a tree in the Garden of Eden the fruit of which will confer eternal life? A religious orientation that lands you in William Jennings Bryan’s corner at the Scopes trial is dangerously anachronistic in the twenty-first-century world awash in Is Religion the Problem?

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