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Wild Fruit: A Field Guide to Britain and Europe by Génevé, Alain; Génevé, Marie-Jeanne

By Génevé, Alain; Génevé, Marie-Jeanne

Wild Fruit is a box consultant to fruit generally present in the wild in Britain and northerly Europe. The plant descriptions comprise details on id for 220 culmination, and comprise tasting notes and ancient information regarding the plant’s medicinal makes use of. Over four hundred colour photos convey the vegetation at diverse issues of their adulthood, helping in actual identification.

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The plant’s fruit takes the form of spherical berries (8–10 mm) that change colour from green to black. The mature berries can be found coexisting alongside flowers on the same plant. The dried remains of the sepals are visible at the base of the berries, which form small hanging clusters. They contain a purplish-black juice and a very large number of small hard seeds known as pips, and are most toxic when green. A very common plant throughout Europe, it prefers light soils, such as those bordering fields, flowerbeds, or uncultivated land.

The lance-shaped calyx is topped with a corolla made up of yellowish veined petals. The fruit takes the form of a greenish, medium-sized, oblong berry, which is striped along its length and rough to the touch. The berries contain many brown seeds. Narrow-leaved asparagus, fruit. Narrow-leaved asparagus, flowers. GARDEN ASPARAGUS 46 Asparagus officinalis . Asparagaceae A Garden asparagus, spear. 2 m June/July Wild Fruit Mid-August/October 0–700 m Fruit: toxic Spears: edible sparagus derives its name from the Persian word asparag, meaning ‘to sprout’ or ‘spring up’.

A very common plant throughout Europe, it prefers light soils, such as those bordering fields, flowerbeds, or uncultivated land. Friar’s cowl, fruit and inflorescences. FRIAR’S COWL 39 Arisarum vulgare . Araceae T Friar’s cowl, inflorescence. 10–30 cm March/April and October/November April/May and November/December 0–400 m All parts are toxic except the tuber Herbaceous Plants his is a relatively rare plant, which is primarily native to the Mediterranean region and is not found in Britain. The inflorescence resembles a hood or cloak, from which comes the name friar’s cowl.

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