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Wood technlogy.. Chemical aspects by Goldstein I.S. (ed.)

By Goldstein I.S. (ed.)

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Biological Chemistry of Organelle Formation

Eukaryotic cells include a plurality of organelles uncommon by way of their particular membranes and contents. Their biogenesis happens through progress and department of preexisting buildings instead of de novo. Mitochondria and chloroplasts, which seem to be descended from prokaryotic ancestors, have retained a few DNA and the biosynthetic power for its expression.

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When the biphenyl skeleton of 572+ was replaced by a diphenyl ether moiety, 2e-reduction no longer gave the hexaphenylethane derivative 58 (Fig. 22) with a 7-membered ring. Instead, the 9-membered cyclic peroxides 59 were isolated in good yield upon reduction of bis(xanthenylium)-type dications 602+ under air. It is interesting to note that 59 regenerated 602+ effectively through an "oxidative deoxygenation" reaction, a rather paradoxical mode of redox reaction. The pair of 59 and 602+ represents a new type of chromic system that reversibly traps and expels O 2 gas on electrochemical input [100].

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