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Comparative Religion

World Religions by Warren Matthews

By Warren Matthews

International RELIGIONS, 7th variation, methodically introduces readers to the richness and variety of those traditions. The ''Worldview'' sections specifically make this the main precious textbook for comparative analyses of the religions. In those sections, readers can see how the several religions procedure a standard set of ten topics which are primary to all traditions, together with the character of absolutely the, where of people on the earth, rituals and logos, and the customers for all times after loss of life. moreover, this article combines insightful, attractive prose with maps, images, timelines, excerpts from sacred texts, and different priceless pedagogical aids that offer a accomplished but available survey of global religions. Warren Matthews considerate and balanced method depicts the original traditions and views of numerous global religions with objectivity and recognize

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Native Americans took herbs that helped cure them to their priests, who kept a supply in the temple. Thus, the priests became keepers of both lore and medicines. Their knowledge of cures and their rituals of divination secured for the priests a place of superiority in the tribal hierarchy. In addition to preparing drugs, the priests could perform minor surgery. They also supervised the “sweat house,” a kind of sauna, that drove out illness. The user left the sweat house to bathe in a cold stream and then covered his or her body with an oil paint prepared for decoration, which also repelled insects and other ­pests.

Where are they going? What do they believe, and how do they ­act? Sacred stories may provide entertainment for a people, as do fairy tales, but they are a more serious explanation of the life of a people. Sacred stories, unlike other stories, belong to the whole community; they are treated with more care and ­respect. Most peoples have stories passed on from former generations. From the generation of grandparents, details of the stories are usually clear. Stories that originated with earlier generations are sometimes sketchy.

Animals give themselves to the hunters. In return, hunters must express gratitude to the animals by respecting their carcasses and using them in the most economical way. Hunters and Tsaka’bec ­[tsah-­kah-­bec] Among the Naskapi, a hero figure. He was a trickster who altered the natural world. He exhib­ ited a craftiness admired by the ­Naskapi. trickster ­[trik-­stur] A male character found in stories of native North Americans as well as most other cultures. Although the trickster was not the creator, he audaciously performed deeds that altered creation.

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