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Comparative Religion

World Religions: From Ancient History to the Present by Geoffrey Parrinder

By Geoffrey Parrinder

Written by means of the world over popular specialists and lavishly illustrated with enormous quantities of pictures, this fantastic quantity encompasses not only faith itself, yet its complete context.Over twenty international faiths are tested the following, from the 11 "living religions" to these of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, in addition to conventional African, early Australasian, and Andean ideals.

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The shaman diagnoses the trouble, goes in search of the patient's fugitive soul, captures it, and makes it return to the body. While the shaman is in a state of ecstasy, his or her own soul can safely abandon the body, roam through distant regions, and rise to the sky or penetrate the underworld. The ascent to the sky is enacted in elaborate rites which include the climbing of a ladder or a pole. Among the Altaians, shamans used to sacrifice horses to the celestial 47 Illustration page 41 TRIBAL RELIGIONS IN ASIA Illustration page 17 Illustrations pages 41, 42 being because they alone could conduct the sacrificed animal to heaven.

As the Great Mother became more clearly defined, and consciousness of the duality of male and female in procreation was recognized increasingly, from being the Unmarried Mother personifying the divine principle in maternity she became associated with the young god as her son and consort. Then, while she remained the crucial figure, the goddess cult assumed a twofold aspect in the ancient seasonal drama in which both the partners in generation played their respective roles of creative energy, the one female and receptive, the other male and active.

Y, such as through his messenger Yam a, the god of death. Though Bhagavan occupies an important place in myths and legends, his role in the system of worship is relatively insignificant. Only two or three times a· year do the Gonds give offerings to Bhagavan, and the ritual accompanying these acts of worship takes only a few minutes. 37 TRIBAL RELIGIONS IN ASIA Illustration page 40 •, TRIBAL RELIGIONS IN ASIA Illustration page 39 Illustration page 39 Illustration page 42 Guardians of the Clan Far more elaborate are the rites connected with the worship of the dan-deities .

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