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Write Your Own Myth by Natalie M. Rosinsky

By Natalie M. Rosinsky

Write your individual fable is a Capstone Press ebook.

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High up beyond the Grand Gallery, Khufu’s builders constructed a burial chamber for the pharaoh. They used the beautiful red granite brought from Aswan. 8 m) high. Known as the King’s Chamber, this is the most perfectly constructed part of the pyramid. The blocks in the walls fit so tightly together that it is impossible to slide a piece of paper between them. Their surfaces were also finely polished. 2 m) long, and each weighs between 25 and 40 tons. In no other pyramid or temple had the Egyptians attempted to span such a wide space with stone beams.

Broken, and this connection had to be restored. It was remade through rituals that placed Khufu in heaven and transferred his power to his son, Radjedef, the new pharaoh. The pyramid was the place where Khufu was changed into Osiris, and safely established in heaven. “He is on his way to heaven, on the wind. ” Pyramid texts: Utterance 258, 2350–2150 BC Pyramid texts The burial chambers of later pyramids have magic spells written on the walls, designed to help the pharaoh change into Osiris and get to heaven.

The pharaoh’s journey is described in many different ways, to make him more likely to succeed. He leaps up into the sky as a grasshopper, is helped by winds and storms, or flies there as a falcon or goose. The Egyptians used hieroglyphs to record these texts. To reach the afterlife, the pharaoh traveled through the sky. Texts say that he rode in the beautiful boat of the sun god, Re, shown here as a hawk crowned with a sun disk. Images of the journey appear on wall friezes in later tombs. 42 hieroglyphs Pictures and symbols used by Egyptians to represent words, syllables, or sounds as a system of writing.

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